Gosh! Can you believe it?  It’s August and that means we’re nearly three quarters of the way through 2016.  So how are you doing on those business goals?

rllessons leadership training_06When I was the head of HR, it was a strategic imperative to hire people with A- personalities. You know them.  Always on. Nothing is ever good enough and they’re self-motivated to keep trying until they burn-out.  Tell them no way and something in them kicked in and they hear no way as a challenge to be overcome. 

“Challenge!!!!!”Or “Oh you just haven’t found the way” and off they’d go in search of an answer.

How do I know them?  I used to be one of them.

Now I look for what is an A+ job and that’s good enough for me. 

My secrets… know what’s on your plate and stop juggling 5 or 6 plates at a time.  Too often I was trying to be perfect in every area of my life and keeping each area separate.  Each had its own plate with goals, assignments and a definition of what is an A+++.  And rarely did I step back and look at each plate and ask “what’s the impact if I did it ALL?  Is this too much?  “Is there another way?”

If I had maybe I’d have seen how ridiculously high my standards were and maybe found a new set of standards that were far more achievable. If I had maybe the result would have been:

  • To learn when good enough really is good enough. 
  • I’d appreciate out what I loved, being loved and serving others well.
  • I’d have found a smile in my heart and embraced the knowledge that I am already an A sooner. 
  • I’d have found the peace sooner.
  • I’d have learned to breathe deeply and hear my own voice instead of the voices of the crowd defining my success for me.
  • And I’d have enjoyed my good life sooner.

May you take the time to look at all your plates and embrace a new standard of success.  And if you want a bit of company on your journey… Contact Us.