This podcast, Closing The Gap with Denise Cooper, was born as an idea from my clients and friends. People asked me…

“Where did you learn this? and

“Why didn’t someone tell me this?”

So I decided to ask some really special people to share their wisdom with you. Each person has generously shared their story… mostly unvarnished, real life stories. Together we talk about  practical skills and workable ideas you can use to set a goal and consistently move towards closing your gap. There was a time when wisdom was shared through the stories we told. Often handed down from one generation to the next. Often shared among great friends. On this page are the unedited conversations which are about an hour. The edited versions are available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Nathaniel “Nat” Alston

Nathaniel “Nat” Alston: President/CEO of The Horizons Group, Inc. calls himself a developer, mentor, recruiter, trainer of Human Capital. With over 40 years of mid-level, executive level human resources experience in a variety of industries, he’s acquired the knowledge and wisdom of the past which gives me a keen insight to the future of human capital. Today I have a conversation with Nat called The Success: It’s a marathon not a sprint where we explore what it’s like to be the “only” and what he can teach you about the mental game of success. You can reach him at

Conversation with Nat Alston, CEO/Founder The Horizon Group

Kimberlee Archie

Diversity and Inclusion: What do these terms mean and why can’t we figure it all out?

This is where Kimberlee and I started our conversation. If you’ve ever just wanted to learn what the difference is between diversity, inclusion, equal employment and why efforts to create equity are important then this podcast is for you.  Kimberlee is the first Equity and Inclusion Manager for the city of Asheville in North Carolina, where she leads a change management effort within city government with the hopeful outcome of implementing policies, procedures and practices that decrease and/or eliminate racial, economic and other disparities where residents experience more equitable opportunities in life success indicators. Engage Kimberlee Archie through Linkedin for coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements on the topics of resilience, equity, diversity and inclusion, leadership and change

Diversity, Inclusion, Equal Opportunity and Equity: So What Does It All Mean?

by Kimberlee Archie and Denise Cooper

Marquis Miller

Adaptability and a clear sense of self that evolved over time was the lesson that Marquis Miller brought to this conversation. After listening to this conversation, I hope you’ll see opportunities are always present but it’s embracing your values and keeping an eye on the long game that ensure you leave a legacy worth remembering. Marquis is a 25-year veteran of business, civic and community organizations, with over two decades of experience in non-profit governance and leadership. Currently he is the Chief Diversity Officer for the City of Chicago. If anyone can bring a the power of bring diverse perspective together to make something great it is Marquis.

Success: Get comfortable with yourself first and everything else will come to you

by Marquis Miller and Denise Cooper

Pamela Brooks, Cornerstone Consulting

What’s the one thing business and leadership development thought leaders like Marshall Goldsmith, John Maxwell, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brene’ Brown and Lisa Nichols will tell you. If you want to be a great leader the first place to start is with self-awareness. What are you passionate about? What are your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots and bias’s and how do they frame and shape your decisions? Today’s guest Pamela Brooks is a hidden gem that is quietly turning the leadership develop industry on its ear. Blending neuroscience and behavioral assessments with the best practices in group dynamics she’s a force building the leadership pipeline for Arizona State University. If after you’ve taken an assessment and wonder ok now what this conversation will help you figure out your next step to high performance.