Your audience wants to move from regular to remarkable

They want to live their values and consciously grow their leadership skills to in order to become a better leader.




Being a leader means more than just telling others what to do.

It means  you know how to influence and help others change their mind. That way, people don’t just know better, they do better.  Prepare your team to weather both chaotic and high-growth environments.





Proven, practical tips that create sustainable behavior change for your audience. 

You’ve been to Leadership Conferences before where keynote speakers entertain, but you leave with no tools for the day-to-day. Your audience will leave our keynotes and workshops with the tools, formulas, and action plans they need to create change and innovate in the workplace.


Denise’s Speaking Engagements are perfect for:

HR Directors: looking to find ways to engage their organization in deeper work.

Small Business Owners: that want to build an inspiring workplace culture from the beginning up.

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs: feeling over overwhelmed and not sure how to tell their story.

Executives and Communicators: that want to do the work and be a better leader.

Anyone: That wants to be impressive and persuasive through better communications.

Denise Cooper has mastered the art of motivation and communication. Her professionalism as an instructor in career coaching brings a personal enrichment of confidence, leadership and strategic life planning skills. I would strongly recommend Denise Cooper for her talent and expertise to anyone in a transitional stage in their career.

—Patrick Dorismond, Delta Airlines

Denise Cooper received the highest evaluations ever recorded in our two year history.  The audience related so well to Denise and enjoyed her sense of humor. Whatever she wants to talk about, Denise is always welcome to return!

—Linda Hickle, Marketing Manager & VP of Programming

I’ve worked with Denise for about two years. She stretches me beyond my own beliefs about my capabilities. She sees new possibilities and pushes you out of your comfort zone, but supports you fully in your development.

—HR Professional, Monsanto Company

Denise is a dynamic speaker who can captivate any audience. Denise shows you the potential of change to improve operational effectiveness and builds support for ideas by developing and presenting logical arguments.

—M. Webb, Sales Consultant, Cire Computer Productions

As I glanced each of the tables, I couldn’t help but notice how many people were engaged and taking notes. Your forum allowed for a good dialogue, opinions to be expressed as well as information to be shared by the attendees.

—Thelma Thorne-Chapman, VP Programs Diversity Council of the Carolinas

Denise presents complex information in a simple, understandable way.

—Delores Mitchell, Manager, Scripps International Netowrk

Denise’s presentation Measure What Matters is insightful, humorous, and something every corporate career-minded person should see.

~Carl Jefferson, Past President, NAAAHR

Hear Samples of Denise’s Work

Remarkable Leadership Lessons

Change Results One Conversation at a Time

Being a leader is dangerous.

It requires being on the line for something you believe…whether it’s to change the future, walk-in faith, or stand for unpopular values. Remarkable Leadership Lessons is a thought book. It’s designed to let you see the power and potential within you.

What stops us is complacency; being comfortable with fear, being less than, and believing we are not enough to be respected/loved/worthy because we experience the world differently than others.

Remarkable Leadership Lessons is an action book.

The anecdotes and case histories bring to life skills anyone and everyone can use to achieve more when they choose to engage in meaningful conversations that change an idea and get the needed results. The proactive measures and steps recommended throughout will help any leader establish more cooperative and supportive relationships.

Leadership is a contact sport, and the sport is conversational excellence. Remarkable leadership is valuing the unique experiences others bring, helping others engage in change, while respecting their right to think differently.