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Denise Cooper

How Do I Discuss What I Actually Need With My Boss?

How do we start thinking about what we really need from our boss? Often, our mind goes straight to getting that next raise. If you find yourself wondering how to ask your boss for what you need, this is the episode for you. Listen in for Denise Cooper’s expert advice on how to lead this conversation with your boss to get an outcome you’ll be happy with.


Pamela Brooks-Richards

Is How You Think Causing More Workplace Conflict?

What role do the stories we tell ourselves play in office conflicts? Are the stories you tell yourself about how your boss feels about you rooted in reality or fear? Our emotions are our primary link to memory, connection, and disconnection. If you’ve been searching for meaningful tools to work through workplace conflict, this is the episode for you.


Laura Fredricks

Mastering the Ask Revisited

How do we ensure that when we jump ship from one company to the next shiny opportunity, we are getting what we actually need from our employer? People love structure – we can leverage this when asking for what we need. If you want to show up more fully and become a better advocate for your worth in the face of adversity this is the episode for you.


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How to measure what matters and identify the few things you can do to help achieve the results you want in the workplace.
Tips for working with toxic bosses, bully coworkers, and people who are out to get you.