“Creating leaders who take care of themselves and create environments where inclusion lives.”

I know how challenging it can feel to take your organization to the next level.

That’s why I specialize in the art of HEI – Humanity, Equity, and Inclusivity. This methodology teaches organizations how to work with people who are different than they are to co-create and deliver sustainable and amazing results.

Denise worked with me and my team for nearly five years. Her coaching, facilitation of meetings, presentations, and delivery is always on point. I highly recommend her. You’ll not be disappointed.

Christopher Powell

CEO of Talmetrix

Within the trifecta of successful business—superior products, processes and people—I founded a company over ten years ago specifically to assist with often the most challenging of these variables. I leave the products and most operational processes to the experts within my client partners, but I’ve found that few capable CEOs, department heads or senior managers have the same level of expertise when it comes to embracing what sets highly successful executives apart, maximizing their own leadership potential, or in getting the most out of their teams. Better leaders and managers simply hit their goals more reliably and that’s where I come in.

Denise takes organizations to the next level. She teaches organizations how to work with people who are different than they are to co-create and deliver sustainable and amazing results

So, who am I?


Denise Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Remarkable Leadership Lessons, a company founded over 10 years ago to assist C-suite, senior-level business leaders, and managers in raising their game as contributors to profitability. Denise guides companies and individuals to elevate their game and maximize their company’s performance.


Becoming a good leader requires a decision, a plan for honing your skills, and a relentless focus on getting better and better. Listen as I interview guests from all walks of life on their experiences with leadership. The Closing the Gap Podcast is an opportunity to gain insight into the minds of experienced professionals leading successful businesses.


Being a leader is dangerous. It requires being on the line for something you believe. . . whether it’s to change the future, walk-in faith, or stand for unpopular values. The crux of being a leader is to have the character strength, courage, and tenacity to share your point of view. Learn more in Denise’s groundbreaking book Remarkable Leadership Lessons.

I’m also an an avid gardener, a surrogate cat mom, and a zip-lining afficianado click here for pictures

Everything is in a name! Wow Denise J. Cooper! From the “Profiles” to the “DENISEisms” to the “Remarkable Leadership Lessons” to the little boy who was baffled as to why his teacher could not wash the brown colored debris off the back of her hands to the chemistry professor who thought the excellence of his Black student was subpar, I felt a wave of anger and empathy, followed by consistent waves of self-reflective calls to action. I was left asking myself, “What kind of leader am I?” Moreover, what kind of person am I? From the C-Suite to the cubicle to the classroom to the home, every human needs a copy!

Pamela Lue-Hing


I create safe spaces for my clients to ask insensitive questions without judgement.

How do you leverage diversity when you’re fully staffed with white people?

How do you navigate the monthly conversations that are filled with micro-aggressions coming from your leaders?

How do I discuss what I actually need with my boss?

What do I do with a boss who uses fear as a productivity tool?

How do I build the capacity of my organization when we are running fast and in the midst of change?

How do I hone my leadership style to be more effective in a hybrid workplace?

How do I bring clarity so that my team is working on the right things in the right order?

How do I create a culture where accountability is the norm?

How do I help my teams be successful when everything is changing?

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