What is the Insight Summary Assessment?

Built from three pivotal assessments, the Insight Summary is your key to personal growth and better relationships. The Passion Assessment ignites your passions and uncovers what you tend to avoid. Robert Hartman's Axiology-based Compass Judgment illuminates your values and internal dialogues, while the DISC assessment unravels your unique communication style and its impact on others.

The Insight Summary is not just an assessment, it's your guide toward helping your team reach new heights. Take the first step today

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“I’ve taken several assessments before, and in some ways, I didn’t learn a lot. What was terrific was Denise’s ability to analyze the feedback, so I understand how my culture impacts my thinking and how to change my perspective to work in a culturally insensitive workplace and with my manager.”

 - D. Morris, Sr. Director
Customer Service

You Will Walk Away With:

  • Understand how individual and collective strengths and weaknesses play out/impact the team’s productivity and conflict.

  • A team dynamics report for similarities and differences in behavioral styles and how mindset, accountability, communication and productivity can be improved.

  • Consider the natural and adapted strengths and challenges for each team member, and how group dynamics play impact results.

  • Provide the opportunity for groups members to engage with other group members who are strong in the areas they need to develop. Rely on the strengths and skills of each team members grow and develop.
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Insight Summary Assessment:
Unlocking Your Remarkable Team! 

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Go deeper to understand yourself, understand, and read others and improve your charisma.

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“I can honestly say that I made some absolutely life-changing discoveries, and I am more secure in myself and my direction now than I have ever been. Denise keeps telling me I did all the work, but she was most definitely the catalyst.”

- N. Sisk, Sr. Manager, Procurement

“I tell people all the time that Denise knows her stuff. She opens your eyes to stuff you would have never thought of. Very personable, and I believe Denise can assess anyone if she speaks with you for a bit. To be a great leader, you must be able to understand and encourage the person needing your help. I feel Denise did that for me and then some.”
- A. Cook, Director, People Analytics

“Denise is a strategic-minded business partner for the organizations she serves. She truly understands the financial, cultural, and practical impact of Human Resources design and practice. She seeks to find solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders. She is truly an agent of change and a rare find!” 
- D. Gerard, Vice President, Total Rewards

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