In the Remarkable Leadership Lessons Community we. . .

1. Empower individuals to become stronger leaders who develop high performing, inclusive, and value-driven teams.

2. Create space for needed community dialogs. We learn from each other’s experiences and share feedback and wisdom so we can grow together.

3. Practice courage and vulnerability by modeling what healthy communication can look like. We aren’t afraid to ask “dumb questions” and we aspire to be 1% better than we were the day before.

Denise exudes high, positive energy and is an innovative professional. Her coaching skills align you for success as she helps you develop a blueprint for growing your passion.

Chandra M. Green

HR Generalist, Walgreens

Do you struggle with. . .

  • Finding a safe place to spearhead inclusion in the workplace?
  • Uncertainty in leading a diverse team to produce high quality results?
  • Feeling as though your strengths are not recognized in your workplace?
  • Collaborating with colleagues who don’t respect you?

Lead Remarkably

  • It’s time to move beyond influencing a few people and now you’re ready to share your expertise to build the capability within others.
  • You want to build a wider, more inclusive network that finds answers to tough challenges.
  • You’re faced with managing the expectations of different stakeholders
  • You need to collaborate and partner with others who have different expertise and experiences that you both inside and out to find better solutions.

Transformational Leadership

  • You’re faced with transforming the business and its wider systems.
  • You need to create a new system for working. A system that focuses on results not activity.
  • The solution is to increase the capacity of your team to work through conflict, ambiguity and uncertainty.



    What you’ll get:

    • Assessment of your unique leadership skills and how you can level up your impact.
    • 30 minute coaching with Denise to clarify your goals.
    • Examples and coaching on how to work with people who are different that you, your current culture or customer base.
    • Private peer group coaching, feedback and support for working your plan.
    • Build your network of like-minded leaders who are making change

    What you’ll get

    • Work with Denise directly to learn how to be a leader that transform and expands to capacity of others and the organization.
    • You’ll learn how to effectively handle resistance, conflict and enable others to be better and do more.
    • Worksheets and mini-programs that you and your leadership team can use to create the clarity needed to determine a strategy, implement right tactics in the right order and delivers results.
    • A semi-customized program that takes your business results to the next level while leveraging diversity and inclusion.

    Denise has unquestionable integrity. She is extremely passionate and exceptional in her ability to help organizations and individuals successfully meet their goals. Denise’s enthusiasm for treating individuals with respect places her in the elite: a tutor, a mentor, a coach, and a teacher.

    Ken Burgdorf

    Clarity Consultants