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How do you assess your self-awareness as a leader? In this episode we cover, the five fundamental skills all great managers and leaders master, from motivating people to developing self-awareness. We cover three distinct tools at your disposal as a boss—and when to use each. Thrasher also covers proven approaches to the key manager responsibilities,...

Make your actions intentional, your behaviors mindful, and your decisions deliberate. And own up to all of them.

After decades of working in all aspects of the Human Resources world, Denise’s experiences have led her to truly understand all the processes, dynamics, and practices that make a company succeed. Equipped with empathy, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge, Denise leaves a lasting impact on all she works with, ensuring each company, executive, and aspiring leader achieves more and progresses further because of the time spent together.

Her passion and vision is contagious and results in higher levels of performance, inclusivity, and morale for her clients. Her training, workshops and coaching helps clients diagnose the root of the problem, and master new behaviors that matter. By teaching her audiences how to be thoughtful and mindful decision-makers, she fixes what doesn’t work now, and bestows on them the tools to help themselves in the future.

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