Insight Assessment Summary

Insight Assessment Summary

The best assessments help us understand what we feel, think, and how behavior impacts engagement. The best feedback offers a way to see our uniqueness as a strength and our differences as an opportunity to leverage the richness inherent in diversity.

We’ve all heard the promise of what equity and inclusion can bring to a business. Standardized assessment doesn’t mean standardized feedback.

Take the Insight Summary and spend 90 minutes with Denise, and get clear individualized feedback on how to influence others and turn knowledge into wisdom.  Experience what it’s like to take the assessment data and turn it into a strategic plan with specific action steps that improve your communication skills, leading to better decisions and better results.

See why even if you’ve already taken personality or behavioral assessment in the past, working with Denise is valuable.

Get your Insight Summary Assessment and book a call with Denise Cooper for best evaluation.


I tell people all the time that Denise knows her stuff. She opens your eyes to stuff you would have never thought of. Very personable, and I believe Denise can assess anyone if she speaks with you for a bit. To be a great leader, you must be able to understand and encourage the person needing your help. I feel Denise did that for me and then some.

A. Cook

Director, People Analytics

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Introducing The Insight Summary Assessment

The Insight Summary is three assessments and takes about 45 minutes to complete. 

Together, this trio gives Executives and HR professionals the tools to elevate the impact of their leadership. 

Taking this assessment trio gives you:

  • The Insights and Transparency You Need to Lead Your Team to Success Consistently.
  • The Understanding You Need to Elevate the Leadership and Management Skills In Your Organization. 
  • The Ability to Make Progress When Inclusion and High Performance Is The Goal. 


“I’ve taken several assessments before, and in some ways, I didn’t learn a lot. What was terrific was Denise’s ability to analyze the feedback, so I understand how my culture impacts my thinking and how to change my perspective to work in a culturally insensitive workplace and with my manager.

D. Morris

Sr. Director, Customer Service

Who needs this Assessment, and why?

  • As a leader, not understanding what motivates your team to success can be costly—gaining clarity into the primary factors that will drive your team to exceed expectations quickly consistently. 
  • If you are in HR and right now, you are trying to help your leadership deepen their understanding of what it takes to stay motivated and motivate others. Gain insights that help struggling leaders and managers overcome their personal biases that limit performance.
  • If you are an executive or professional who is in transition, it can often be challenging to know how to repackage your experience and communicate how your knowledge and wisdom can be of value. Identify what you love doing and why. Learn how your strengths and weaknesses can accentuate your employment value. 

 “I can honestly say that I made some absolutely life-changing discoveries, and I am more secure in myself and my direction now than I have ever been. Denise keeps telling me I did all the work, but she was most definitely the catalyst.”

N. Sisk

Sr. Manager, Procurement

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Get your Insight Summary Assessment and book a call with Denise Cooper for best evaluation.

What Insights Summary can do for you…

  • To be an effective leader, and a skilled influencer, one needs a deep awareness of their leadership and influence style, as well as how their team works together to achieve their goals. The problem is most leaders struggle when it comes to developing this understanding. Our behavioral assessments cut through the noise to provide the discernment, transparency, and vulnerability leaders need to get the most of their team and hit their goals more reliably. 
  • The insight summary consists of three assessments.
    • Learn what motivates and demotivates you and those around you and why.
    • Learn how your motivation and drivers shape your decisions, choices, and define limitations that may not exist.
    • Learn how others perceive your behavior and how your communication style may limit your leadership and influence with others, your team, or your boss. 
  • Take the assessment and receive over ten pages of tips and suggestions designed to help you ensure your message hits the mark and reduces the hesitancy to engage in difficult conversations.

What do you get with the Assessment? 

To go as deep as you want to understand yourself, understand, and read others and improve your charisma.

Take the Insight Summary Package and receive over 75 pages of information that… 

  • Identifies your strengths and offers suggestions on 16 behavioral areas.
    • Behavioral areas:
      • People skills
      • Performance Qualities
      • Problem-solving 
      • Approach to Work
  • How to communicate with others to get the best out of them. 
  • How stress and uncertainty is impacting your ability to see and make good decisions
  • A one-page summary for you to use as a guideline for improving your decision making. 
  • The ability to choose what to work on and guidance on how to put together a development strategy. 

Have You already taken a Personality or Behavioral Assessment in the past?

Great then you’ve already experienced the potential taking an assessment offers. However, if the feedback left you thinking “so what… now what and you want more tailored feedback that identifies how your unique perspective can elevate your leadership and performance schedule time with me.

Price: $99.00 for a short time for the assessments. Regularly, $159.00

90 Minutes With Denise – $300.00 Regularly $595.00

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