If your business is down- blame the boss?

HR pros talk a lot about employee engagement and alignment. Management talks about revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction.  Just from these two sentences you can see these are two ships passing in the night.  The real problem is executives don’t have to pay much attention to HR types and there my friend is the rub in the HR community.

English: Customer satisfaction rating scale

English: Customer satisfaction rating scale (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how do these two groups begin talking? It seems I4CP (Institute for Corporate Productivity) completed a report that may get the two talking about the same topic. I4CP, a research group that studies productivity, how to get it, increase it and make money from it, presented a research report that indicates high performing organization consistently (even in the midst of this recession) out perform their competitors for extended periods of time.  No surprise that the measurement indicators are what executives watch – revenue growth, market share, profitability and customer satisfaction.

When I read the report I was excited that finally HR types were starting to talk like and acting like business leaders. You see I find executives are straight, get to the point kinds of people. The numbers have to line up and the conversation has to lead to actions. 

Then I took a look at the conclusions and I think we’re back at the same point.  So my question still remains why executives, directors, managers and supervisors – in other words anyone in leadership – don’t believe they are responsible for the results?

According to the research there are basically four points if you really want to improve organizational performance.

  1. Execution the strategy– duh!
  2. Managers understand that they are leaders. Leaders are role models.
  3. Employ people with the right attitude, right skills and put them in the right roles.
  4. Leaders create work environments (culture) where all employees know the customer, what they want, what they desire and why they buy.

As I reviewed the data there is one common denominator. Yep you guessed it! The leader is responsible.