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When PRACTICAL, SPECIFIC, AND TACTICAL answers that get extraordinary results in a short period of time are needed.

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Your company is in transition and you can’t afford lower performance, higher costs or miss your revenue targets.

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Telling people what to do isn’t giving your the results you need.

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You’re managing a struggling star or formerly capable manager to turn their performance around.

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You want simple, fast answers that slows down the turnover of talented high performers.

“The skill set required to lead successfully during acute change is not obvious but it is very teachable. Acknowledging you don’t know what to do differently is a sign of strength not weakness.”  Denise Cooper

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Denise has a very keen ability to amplify people’s strengths and bring out the best in her employees, co-workers, business partners, and clients. Working for Denise was a truly powerful experience, and since then, I have continued to achieve success. I highly recommend Denise for her human resources expertise and business savvy.

Melody Henderson

Corporate Counsel - Technology Industry

Denise, unquestionable integrity, high-positive energy, extremely passionate in helping others reach there goals. She is exceptional at getting organizations and individuals moving towards success and obtaining results. In working with and for Denise her enthusiasm for treating individuals with respect places her at the top!

Ken Burgdorf

Director of Training at Expert Global Solutions

Denise is a strategic-minded business partner for the organizations she serves. She truly understands the financial, cultural, and practical impact of Human Resources design and practice. She seeks to find solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders. She is truly an agent of change and a rare find!

Diane Gerard

Vice President, Total Rewards at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

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