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Remarkable Leadership Lessons

Being a leader is dangerous. It requires being on the line for something you believe…whether it’s to change the future, walk-in faith, or stand for unpopular values. The crux of being a leader is to have the character strength, courage, and tenacity to share your point of view. To listen to another’s perspective and find a way to value those who don’t think or act like you and who see the world differently from you and do it in a way that honors our humanity and imperfections.

The skill set required to lead successfully during acute change is not obvious but it is very teachable. Acknowledging you don’t know what to do differently is a sign of strength not weakness.

Denise Cooper


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    The recipe for success is a simple one: talented leadership, a welcoming environment for all participants, and a plethora of high-performing individuals.

    The road to get there? Not so simple.

    There Is No Such Thing As Leadership Without Followers

    When your company is in transition, not performing as expected, or consistently missing targets, you need practical, specific, tactical lessons that will help diagnose the problem and lead you to the solution to help you thrive.

    Remarkable Leadership Lessons provide the expertise, experience, and guidance to transition companies from potential to excellence, to brainstorm methods and tactics to work through any roadblocks, and to identify the ongoing behaviors serving as those roadblocks. And that’s just the beginning.

    Through her proven strategies, lessons, and mentorship, Denise Cooper assembles the building blocks of emotional intelligence: accountability, compassion, the willingness to admit wrongdoing, and the determination to follow through. She focuses on the way people work together in order to change the way the leadership works and the way the employees respond.

    Problems do not end with strategy. They end with thoughtfully developed solutions consistently put into practice.

    Remarkable Leadership Lessons is here to help when you need:

    Assistance determining who you need to hire, and what you should be looking for in potential candidates.

    Evaluation as to why your company is not meeting the high-performance level you know is possible.

    More inclusion and acceptance among your employees in order to improve company morale, loyalty, and teamwork.

    Ways to improve communication with your team, in order to make every voice heard and accepted.

    Strategies and behaviors to add to your company culture in order to take it to the next level.

    Coaching, courses, or workshops specifically designed for your company to spark growth.

    Make your actions intentional, your behaviors mindful, and your decisions deliberate. And own up to all of them.

    After decades of working in all aspects of the Human Resources world, Denise’s experiences have led her to truly understand all the processes, dynamics, and practices that make a company succeed. Equipped with empathy, compassion, and a wealth of knowledge, Denise leaves a lasting impact on all she works with, ensuring each company, executive, and aspiring leader achieves more and progresses further because of the time spent together.

    Her passion and vision is contagious and results in higher levels of performance, inclusivity, and morale for her clients. Her training, workshops and coaching helps clients diagnose the root of the problem, and master new behaviors that matter. By teaching her audiences how to be thoughtful and mindful decision-makers, she fixes what doesn’t work now, and bestows on them the tools to help themselves in the future.

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    Denise has a very keen ability to amplify people’s strengths and bring out the best in her employees, co-workers, business partners, and clients. Working for Denise was a truly powerful experience, and since then, I have continued to achieve success. I highly recommend Denise for her human resources expertise and business savvy.

    Melody Henderson

    Corporate Counsel - Technology Industry

    Denise, unquestionable integrity, high-positive energy, extremely passionate in helping others reach there goals. She is exceptional at getting organizations and individuals moving towards success and obtaining results. In working with and for Denise her enthusiasm for treating individuals with respect places her at the top!

    Ken Burgdorf

    Director of Training at Expert Global Solutions

    Denise is a strategic-minded business partner for the organizations she serves. She truly understands the financial, cultural, and practical impact of Human Resources design and practice. She seeks to find solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders. She is truly an agent of change and a rare find!

    Diane Gerard

    Vice President, Total Rewards at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals